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The variety of food in Israel is fascinating. Due to the many different immigrants and ethnic groups there is a wide selection of foods and cuisines. In addition you can find authentic Arabic cuisine, ranging from street food to an inspiring Levant Arabic Chef’s kitchen.

In the last few years the culinary scene in Israel has developed rapidly.Israel has wonderful chefs that trained abroad and are smart and daring.These chefs are on the cutting edge of culinary excellence worldwide. Today in Israel there is a wide variety of tasty street food, excellent chef’s restaurants and a big choice of quality bistros.

Local ingredients have also improved in recent years. Israeli olive oil, wines and goat cheesehave been scoring high marks in international competitions. Furthermore many high quality artisanal bakeries, pastry and ice cream shops have opened in recent years all over the country. Israeli fresh produce is in demand around the world due to its high quality. Israel is truly the land of milk and honey. All one needs is a good culinary guide to find the right spot.

Gil Lahav Biography:

Welcome to the website for gourmet food tours in Israel.

My mother, Sara, is a great cook of North African descent and she taught me the impact of fresh ingredients in cooking from an early age.

I was the owner of two restaurants, a pastry shop and a boutique gourmet catering company. Today I am a food journalist and my field of expertise is the best food in Israel.

My greatest passion is excellent food ingredients. I look all over Israelfor the best materials and the one wining dish whether in gourmet restaurants or street food vendors.

I have a great passion to find the perfect bite of food:

Leading Chefs, restaurateurs and food journalists in Israel have participated in my culinary tours. My food tours are the result of 25 years of a personal search for the perfect bite of food.

I will take you to the best food spots in Israel,

In any category of food only the best will do. There will be no compromise on mediocrity.

Israeli gourmet culinary tours:

The top three culinary cities in Israel are: Nazareth, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. Furthermore, each city is different, and each is special in its culinary way and tradition. As Israel’s leading culinary tour expert, Ihave an intimate knowledge of each of the three cities.

סיור בנצרת


In my opinion the most exciting culinary tour in Israel is in the city of Nazareth. Nazareth is the capital of authentic food in Israel. The best ingredients are located in Nazareth, from fruits and vegetables to spring lamb meat. One can find excellent food in Nazareth such as Hummus, Shawarma, Knafeh and gourmet food at the best Arab chef’s restaurants in Israel. As part of the food tour, I will cover the subjects of local culture, religion and history.For more information about the culinary tours, click here

סיור בבני ברק

Bnei Brak

In the heart of the ultra orthodox city we will explore Eastern European Jewish food and the kindness of the local community.For more information about the culinary tours, click here

Tel- Aviv

Hacarmel open market Hacarmel is a large, well known market with a few excellent food items that are hidden from the naked eye. The last part of the tour will consist of a meal at the best market restaurant in Israel. Bakeries and pastry shops –Tel- Aviv excels in these. As part of our tour we will visit the best culinary spots in the city of Tel-Aviv For more information about the culinary tours, click here

סיור ביקב

Wineries tour

The Israeli wine industry is but a small fraction of the entire world’s production. However, it is evolving at a very fast pace and the quality of the wine is improving rapidly. In addition, Mr. Robert Parker’s high grades of 90- 92-93 points have become a recurring event. There are five regions/ appellations. Some wineries emphasize the local terroir and grape varieties, such as Carignan\ Petite Sirah and other varieties. The latest wine trend is based on using local grapes and producing elegant wines. For more information about the culinary tours, click here

Dairy farms tours

The cheeses from Israel’s goat and lamb dairy farms can compete with the best in the world. West Jerusalem There are a few rare gemstones in the famous Mahane Yehuda market, and a few more interesting spots. For more information about the culinary tours, click here

East Jerusalem

In this part of the city we will tour authentic Palestinian culinary institutions – some of which are inspiring.

There are other tours

You are invited to send an email for a specially designed individual tour.Please include requested date, number of people, and if there are any particular requests. My team of experts and I will do all that we can to give you the best culinary tour possible in Israel.

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Israel culinary tours are intended for:

Chefs, restaurateurs, food and wine journalists.
Businessman who love excellent cuisine.
The tours are a few hours long and are guided by an expert in the field.